Re: Cadaver skin

From:Amos Brooks <>

    I used cadaver skin on my test and it worked fine. There is no
shortage of
cadaver skin. Check with a local morgue. Just dont tell them that with
all the skin
you are getting you intend to breed a race of super zombies to take over
the world
... they just don't seem to find that very amusing. <;-)
Amos Brooks

marjorie lehman wrote:

> Hi,
> My laboratory is not affiliated with any hospital/medical facility, therefor I
> can't beg for scraps (" ....Please Sir, may I have some more skin ....") to use
> for method development. The samples I get are small/few/far between and I have
> to use them for actual tests.
>  All that sniveling leads to my question: can I use cadaver skin from a tissue
> bank for IHC. I have used it for stains and it's ... well ... usable, but I
> have serious doubts about IHC.
> All thoughts/advice greatly appreciated.
> Marjorie

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