Re: Breast fixation

Hello HistoNetters!

In response to Steve Slap's questions....

Dear Steve;

It is true, that the Milestone Systems use proprietary chemicals in 
conjunction with their systems which greatly facilitate the processing of 
lipids. The systems also have some special features like pressure/vacuum dome 
which assist in this regard.

As for the specific physics and chemistry, I am the first to admit that I am 
neither a chemist or a physicist. I am a provider of tools to the 
histopathology market, with the burning ambition to provide hardware and 
software which will facilitate and improve laboratory procedures to benefit 
both the users of these tools and ultimately the patients who depend on them 
for accurate, prompt results.

What I can tell you is, that the people who have developed the Milestone 
systems do have their Ph.D's in Physics and chemistry, and are quite frankly 
brilliant. I have had the opportunity to spend some time with them and can 
assure you that their conviction to produce and develop state-of-the-art 
systems for the laboratory is second to none (in my experience). I am sure 
they can explain the mechanics to anyone who cares to know, but again, I am 
the first to admit, personally I am quite lost after some initial 
introduction, as my background is not (as already mentioned) in physics and 
chemistry. I think it is too much to expect of any histotech to have a degree 
and broad understanding of these subjects. I am not entirely sure that 
physics and chemistry should be their primary concern. What they should 
expect is product that is easy for them to use and produces expected, 
dependable results.  

For anyone wishing to enter a scientific discussion as to the how's and 
why's, and is qualified to do so, I would be pleased to make the proper 
introductions so all and any questions can be answered on a scientific basis.

Many thanks for your interest.

With best regards,

Elfi Hacker
HACKER Instruments & Industries Inc

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