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Hi HistoNetters

Elfi Hacker wrote in response to my earlier remarks:

"Your comments about fixation of fatty tissue may be true when using
conventional microwaves, but the MILESTONE Systems have overcome this problem
and fix and process tissue with high lipid content as well as any other type
of tissue. Keep in mind, that these systems were developed for histopathology
and are not modified kitchen technology which may explain their success."

I think this needs some clarifying.  The reactions of any specific chemical
to microwave energy is a matter of chemistry and physics.  Polar
substances, like water and alcohol, will heat effectively by microwave
energy, while non-polar substances, like wax and many plastics, will not.
The design of a particular microwave system will not change this fact.  As
I understand it, the Milestone system employs a proprietary chemical to
dehydrate the tissue which, I have been told, works well with fatty tissue
as well as conventional tissue.  This is a different claim than that the
microwave technology itself is somehow altered.  I would be very interested
if Elfi would be willing to expand upon this.

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Steven Slap
Springfield, MA

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