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Below message would not be, by chance from Steven E Slap, President of Energy 
Beam Science and a purveyor of laboratory microwave ovens. Unless you have a 
very rare namesake: were was your disclaimer and why did you use a private 
email address.
Jim Darley

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On Tuesday, October 31, 2000 1:38 AM, Steven E. Slap [] 
> Hi HistoNetters!
> Trisha Emry asked some basic questions about purchasing a microwave oven
> for processing:
> "My boss just asked me to put together a wish list for our next grant
> applications.  I would like to know if processing with a microwave oven is
> now the preferred way to do things.  Does it have to be in a hood or can
> it be vented into a hood?  Can you suggest the type of microwave...what
> gadgets..timers etc. that are good features to get on it?"
> First, any microwave which is going to be used with flammable solvents
> should be vented.  Laboratory microwaves with built-in ventilation systems
> are usually designed to be vented into a fume hood or laboratory
> ventilation system, not for the entire microwave to be placed into the fume
> hood.
> Different laboratory microwaves work in slightly different ways, but, if I
> were shopping, I would look at features which produce consistent,
> reproducible results-  accurate measurement of time and temperature.
> Beyond that, I would look for ease of use, and the ability of the company
> to support the product.
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> Steven Slap
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