RE: cytoprep cytology specimens

From:"MacDonald, Jennifer" <>

For hypocellular fluids we prepare two cytospins, one for a PAP stain and
the other for a Diff Quik stain.  For hypercellular fluids we prepare four
smears, two for PAP and two for Diff Quick.  We prepare a cell block for all
cases that we can.

Jennifer MacDonald

> At our lab we prepare 4 cytospins from each fluid- csf, urine, breast asp,
> plural fl. etc- our paths feel two is not adequate representative sample.
> If we can we make cell blocks on thicker fluids like pleural  fluid.
> On our bronch washes and sputums we prepare four smears each.
> Jennifer Englin
> Rice Memorial Hospital
> Willmar MN
> jle@rice .willmar .us
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> For those of you who prepare cytology specimens,  how many smears do you
> make 
> for each body fluid, bronch wash, and breast aspiration received in your
> lab, 
> and do you prepare smears, cytospins, or a combination of both?

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