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i expect he is looking for an antibody to SOD, either Cu, Zn, or Mn.

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I would like to know what your antibodies are produced from. You 
don't get an immuneglobulin response to metal ions. So what is the 
associated protein? How is it specific for Cu vs Zn? I would love to 
have the IHC option to label Cu and Zn! Please share all info 
received. Thanks. Greg

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> Is anyone using antibodies for copper/zinc or manganese? For cu/zu I am
> using 1:100, for mn I am using 1:20 both are polyclonal ab's. I am also
> using heat retrieval. I am curious to know what others are doing.  PBS vs
> Tris? I use sheep secondary, is there a better secondary for these? Any
> suggestions would be appreciated.

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