RE: catilage

If you are not doing IHC on your cartilage sections the best thing I have
found is to coat slides with 5% solution of elmers type white glue, let them
air dry and then use those slides to pick up your cartilage sections.  Air
dry the sections in a 60dC oven overnight.  The glue will interfer with IHC
staining however, especially collagen (go figure, glue is made from animal
collagen).  For IHC on cartilage I have had some luck with mw dried sections
on plus slides.

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		Sent:	Wednesday, November 01, 2000 2:39 PM
		Subject:	catilage

		I am having a problem keeping my catilage sections attached
to the slides
		during staining.  The slides being used are silane-prep
slides from Sigma
		and the slides are put into a 40 C oven overnight.  What am
I failing to do
		to maintain the material on the slides?


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