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I am using a microwave purchased from TedPella (Pelco 3450) and it has a
temperature probe in it.  It comes with software so that if you want to
record real time of temperature changes on the computer, you can.  The
microwave has a powerful exhaust fan, and I love it.  You can check its
website, I believe it's

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> Does anyone  have a microwave with some sort of a SAFE thermometer or
> thermometer probe in it? Who sells it?  Rough amount? If not how do you
> test the temperature each time you use it?
> Dana Settembre
> Immunohistochemistry Lab
> Pathology Department
> University Hospital
> Newark,  New Jersey
> Dear Dana;
> We do not sell a thermometer, but we do sell laboratory microwave systems 
> with safe and accurate temperature recording and monitoring capabilities.
> The 
> Milestone T/T uses an infrared system which, unlike the conventional
> probe, 
> has no physical contact with the solution/specimen. The URM uses a highly 
> accurate fiber optic device.
> Please feel free to call on us with any questions or if we can assist you
> in 
> any way further.
> Best regards,
> Elfi Hacker
> President
> HACKER Instruments & Industries Inc
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