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From:Marcia Bentz <>

Thanks to all who responded to my question. I will call around and see if I
can find an anti-rat IgM secondary that is mouse adsorbed. Let you know how
it works out.

10:56 AM 10/19/2000 -0400, Connolly, Brett M wrote:
>If it were me, I would go with the rat anti-human CD77 followed by a
>biotinylated anti-rat IgM that was preferably adsorbed against mouse tissue.
>Many companies offer anti-rat IgM (ie. Jackson ImmunoResearch, Biogenex,KPL,
>maybe Innogenex---Abizar are you there?). Call around and see if any are
>mouse adsorbed. I use an anti-rat IgG from Biogenex that is mouse adsorbed,
>maybe they have an IgM. 
>I don't think that rat IgG will bind the rat IgM, it depends on how purely
>it is prepared. However sometimes these secondaries are actually a mixture
>of IgA, IgM, and IgG). 
>I would also call tech services of the CD77 supplier and ask them if they
>have any data on crossreactivity with the antibody.
>Lastly, when you decide to enroll in another immunology class, sign your
>boss up too.
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>> Hello all,
>> Ended up dropping my immunology class several years ago due to a serious
>> illness and need the answer to a question. By boss is looking for an
>> antibody CD77 (if wishes could come true, anti-mouse). Two problems arise,
>> this is a IgM and I've only worked with IgG. I also only seem to be able
>> to
>> find mouse or rat anti-human CD77(I am staining mouse kidney). Since I use
>> the Vector Elite kits will the rat IgG work with an IgM primary?. My boss
>> insists it will, but well... he doesn't always know what he's talking
>> about
>> and has difficulty understanding IHC techniques sometimes.He also insists
>> there will be no cross reactions with mouse or rat proteins. Can anyone
>> answer this question for me?
>> Thanks!
>> Marcia
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