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In 1997 I purchased both the coverslipper and Stainer from Leica. I have
been very pleased with the fact the stainer truly handles multiple baskets
(one every 12 minutes!). I have had no problem with the coverslipper - but
you do need to keep it clean. I just let my cytology slides dry a bit before
I put them on. (Right out of the clearant basket the slides are too wet and
mounting media gets all over the place. If you turn down the mounting media,
then you get air-bubbles on the finished slide. So that is the compromise I
use that works well for us). For our Histology slides, I take them out of
clearant and look at the slides and clean them of any cutting debris. This
effectively dries them enough so that I just place them on the coverslipper
as soon as I'm through checking them. You do need to use coverslipper
coverslips (there are a couple of companies out there that I am sure would
be interested in quoting you a price for theirs).  Hope this helps,
Sue O'Brien, Histology Supervisor
Burdette Tomlin Memorial Hospital
Cape May Court House, NJ  08210
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	On Fri, 27 Oct 2000, Jeannie Heck wrote:

	> We are in the process of automating our laboratory. I have decided
to purchase from Hacker, Shandon, or Leica. I would appreciate any comments
either positive or negative from histotechs using coverslippers or H&E
stainers from these companies. Thanks in advance. 
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	Our Histology Laboratory has both the Leica Stainer and the
	They both work very well.  The coverslipper must be kept clean
	that sticky resin is, well, sticky.  I'm sure that is the case with
	coverslippers too.

	Dana Settembre
	Immunohistochemistry Lab
	Pathology Department
	University Hospital
	Newark,  New Jersey

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