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We are using BioCare's polyclonal AFP...We use the pressure cooker with
BioCare's ReVeal buffer and put the slides on our Ventana ES/
well with our tumor controls.  What are you doing for a pretreatment with
the Dako Ab?

Sally Ann Drew-MT(ASCP)
Univ. of Wis. Hospital and Clinics
IHC/ISH Clinical/Research Lab
Madison, WI 

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> Subject:	Alpha-feto Protein
>     My boss is unhappy with our current antibody  to Alpha-1Feto Protein
> (AFP).  We are currently using a rabbit polyclonal antibody from DAKO
> (cat#
> A0008).  While it works admirably on fetal liver, he feels we are seeing
> only the tip of the iceberg on tumors such as hepatocellular carcinomas,
> hepatoblastomas, and some germ cell tumors.
>     My question is:  what antibodies are being used out there in
> Histonetland?  What do you like about them and why?  Any suggestions?
> Thanks for your help.
> Sincerely,
> Phyllis Davie
> Clinical Laboratory Supervisor
> PhenoPath Laboratories

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