Job Opening

From:Keith Rogers <>

<html> Exciting New Research Position - Maryland<br> <br> <b>Molecular Histology Technician <br> <br> </b>Extensive knowledge of immunohistochemical procedures; enzyme histochemistry & in situ hybridization techniques. BS degree (biology/related science); 2-3 yrs exp. performing routine histology techniques; knowledge of automated staining procedures immuno- histochemistry, cryotomy, PCR techniques, and microscopic tissue identification; HT/ASCP Certification a plus. <br> <br> If interested please apply to:<br> <br> Liz Battle<br> <font color="#000080"><b>SAICFrederick<br> </font></b>HumanResources<br> NCI-FCRDC<br> POBoxB<br> Frederick, MD 21702-1201<br> email: <font color="#0000FF"><u></font></u><br> <font face="Lucida Handwriting" color="#000080">Keith<br> <br> </font>Keith Rogers F.I.B.M.S.<br> Laboratory Manager<br> Pathology/Histotechnology Laboratory<br> SAIC Frederick<br> NCI-FRDC <br> P.O Box B, Frederick, MD 21702-1201<br> <br> T. 301 846 5190/1275<br> F. 301 846 6236</html>
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