IHC with IgM

From:Marcia Bentz <mb7x@virginia.edu>

Hello all,
Ended up dropping my immunology class several years ago due to a serious
illness and need the answer to a question. By boss is looking for an
antibody CD77 (if wishes could come true, anti-mouse). Two problems arise,
this is a IgM and I've only worked with IgG. I also only seem to be able to
find mouse or rat anti-human CD77(I am staining mouse kidney). Since I use
the Vector Elite kits will the rat IgG work with an IgM primary?. My boss
insists it will, but well... he doesn't always know what he's talking about
and has difficulty understanding IHC techniques sometimes.He also insists
there will be no cross reactions with mouse or rat proteins. Can anyone
answer this question for me?


Marcia Bentz
Lab Specialist Sr
University of Virginia

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