Formalin in OR and communication

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Dear Barbara:  Although I don't work anymore in the clinical setting, I
have to comment on your wonderful handling of the formalin "problem". 
Communication as well as a sincere desire to work WITH the people
involved instead of the us vs. them so common in a hospital setting,
shows that such an approach can really work to get things done with
everyone coming out ahead.  An acknowledgement of appreciation goes a
long ways in dealing with other departments, staff, labs, fellow
workers, etc.  And as you've indicated it doesn't take millions of
dollars or many meetings, a cake was much more effective in smoothing
the way than any memo or directive.  
Regards, Tom

> We also inservice the OR staff on specimen handling every 6 months.  Its
> really been worth the extra effort.  We get to know OR staff  and they get
> to know us.  We've been able to tweak any issues between the two
> departments.  We also brought a cake to them when their QA improved
> dramatically ( for submitting specimens accurately and appropriately to
> us).  We did that years ago and they still talk about it.
> Good luck
> Barbara Davies
> Memorial Hospital
> Colorado Springs, CO

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