Formalin Substitues - Glyo-fixx, Histochoice & GI bx.

From:Tim Webster <>


At the risk of flogging a dead horse . . .

We currently use Zinc formalin for routine collection and processing.  (GI
bx's are collected in Hollandes which are then rinsed in 70% etoh before
putting onto the histokinette.)

I have searched the archives for people's comments on alternative fixatives,
but  dealing mostly with H&E's on human tissue, I can't find what I am
looking for:

Real world experience with either histochoice or glyo-fixx, and any comments
on how to treat GI stuff while still getting good architecture and staining.
My experience is that Hollandes is OK, but the nuclear staining is poor.
(Our results are still better than with ZnF)  Also, we tried G.I Fix, but
our Pathologist didn't like the results.

We are a small community hospital short on staffing and time (and I know
that everybody else has lot's of free time . . .) Thanks for letting me pick
your brains!

TIA for your help.

Tim Webster
Northwestern Medical Center
St Albans VT

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