Fluoro-emerald-suitable counterstain

From:"Richard L. Young" <ryoung2@mail.rah.sa.gov.au>

Dear Histonetters, 

I am attempting to mark the recording site for an extracellular 
single-unit nerve recording that I undertook in ferret brain stem. I 
have marked the site (by iontophoresis) with fluro-emerald (D-1820, 
Molecular Probes) and wish to visualise the site under confocal 
and/or fluorescence micropscopy.

I am seeking advise for a suitable fluorescent or non-fluorescent 
counterstain that will not quench any fluoroscence from the primary 
marker. Does anyone have any experience with propidium iodide, 
toluidine blue-O or such, and suitable protocol details to effectively 
counterstain these critical brain stem slices (50 micron).

Thanks in advance,
Richard L. Young, PhD

Nerve-Gut Research Laboratory
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