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The DAKO kit is quite good, but as you point out for a large numbers of
slides not an option. We make up our own in the following way.
For our source of Biotin we use skim milk. We obtain the small blister packs
(packs of 24) that you get on air flights, as we do our work in small
aliquots rather than big batches but you can obtain bigger cartons of the
skim milk.

For our Avidin step we dissolve the white of 1 egg into 100 ml distilled
water and mix this throughly. This will keep in the fridge for about 1 week.

The procedure is as follows:

Biotin block 10 minutes
2 washes PBS of 3 minutes each
Avidin block 10 minutes
2 wahes PBS of 3 minutes each

Hope this helps.

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Me again!
Does anyone know of a source of concentrate biotin block reagents. I know
Dako has a ready to use kit, but this is not suitable for a large number of
slides. I thought someone had said that they were doing this. Can anyone

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