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> I am involved in a project at University of Illinois-Chicago using green
> fluorescent protein labeled mesenchymal stem cells.  We performed bone
> marrow transplants on baboons and infused gfp labeled mesenchymal stem
> cells.  We then performed pcr to gfp on the bone marrow aspirates.
> However, now I have been asked to attempt immunohistochemistry on cryo
> preserved bone marrow biopsies of the baboons.  My question is  what is
> the optimal method of fixation and embedding of these bone biopsies?  Our
> lab, which is strictly a clinical lab,  cannot perform plastic embedding.
> They only embed in paraffin, using a rigid protocol, which includes:
> fixing in formalin, decalcifying in a "rapid decal" that is commercially
> available, and the use of an automated machine for the dehydration and
> infiltration processes.     

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