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Dear Histonetters
We are finally close to getting a new cryostat. It would most probably be the
Shandon SME Cryotome. It has many nice features but my problem is that I cannot
possibly try it out before we buy it. There is no other in Malta and I've been
told that it is too expensive to send me to try it out in another country,
risking I might not like it!
If any of you have this specific model or have worked on one could you please
answer a few questions for me?

Is the antiroll plate steady? In another model that we had, it took ages to set
and you only get one chance because when you lift it off the plate again, the
position varies and you have to start with the setting again. The only option
was to eliminate its use and work with a fine brush. Two of us can do that but
the other five HTs simply can't get the hang of it. This means that I need a
good and steady antiroll plate that once set, keeps its setting.

Another problem is how quick is it to go down to about -24 from an ambient of
around 27C.? Ours is a warm country. Up to half an hour is OK.but longer is
Any comments, even if they do not have anything to do with the above would be
greatly appreciated. If you think your comments might not be of general
interest to send through Histonet, just send them directly to me.
Thanks in advance.

St. Luke's

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