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Hi there a little question has arisen whilst talking to microbiologist =
rough jist is - 

AFB = AAFB according to Microbiologist
Leprae is an AFB only not a an AAFB
All infectious, opportunistic / atypical or otherwise are all AAFB and
not AFB,

AFB are only seen in Wadefite staining, but not in ZN ( no alcohol
AAFB are seen in both ZN and Wadefite.

As the above is true why does all literature refer only to AFBs  and not
differentiate between AFBs and AAFBs - is this just a nomenclature fault
continued over the years or just sloppy writing.

Can anyone give an example of an Acid Fast Bacilli that causes human
disease that is not seen if subjected to alcohol immersion (ZN stain).
 Any answers out there 
N Kenneison

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