tissue for HT/HTL exams (PROCESSING GI)


Peggy Wenk just described the conditions under which her HT/HTL students have 
to obtain tissue for their exams, from tissue fragments in the process of 
being discarded after a month's storage.

Peggy, your pathologists owe them better than that. Who do they think is 
going to make their slides for them in the next generation? It takes little 
time to cut some duplicate blocks from a normal uterus or spleen or what have 
you, when they're grossing tissue. (Since the duplicate blocks would be held 
for overnight fixation anyhow, they could be immediately reclaimed in the 
very unlikely event they were needed for diagnostic purposes.)

I've certainly prepared tissue with students who needed it, and I think it's 
time well spent. 

Bob Richmond
Samurai Pathologist
Knoxville TN

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