Thanks for Tamper info! + Question-Large Tampers (?)

From:Miriam Schroeder <>

Hi all.  Thanks for the very helpful replies you have
sent regarding the use of tampers.  I can't believe
one of these incredibly useful-sounding items has been
sitting at my embedding center all this time, without
me knowing how to use it.  I can think of numerous
instances when it would have come in really handy, had
I used it!

It sounded from earlier discussion like the tampers
come in 10x10 mm & 5x5 mm sizes.  Does anyone know of
a tamper to fit the large (38x25) molds?  This would
be especially useful to me as I often have many small
samples which need to be in the same cutting plane (as
Nancy Klemme mentioned in her reply).

Thanks so much!
Miriam Schroeder

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