Tago technique for acetylcholinesterase

From:"BrosnanWatters, Gayle" <GBrosnanWatters@vanguard.edu>

Can anyone tell me if it is okay to perfuse mice with a perfusate containing
glutaraldehyde when I am going to do the Tago technique for cholinesterase
staining?  I don't have the original paper in front of me, and I need to get
some mice ready for this.  I know you don't have to perfuse, but I think the
brains would be easier to handle perfused than fresh.  I know you aren't
supposed to use formaldehyde (have to use formalin instead), but I am not
sure if glutaraldehyde is okay.  I've got perfusate made up and I don't
really want to make up new - in fact, I'm not sure what recipe to use if I
don't use the one I've got. 
	I'm the other Gayle - the psychologist that doesn't know anything
(unlike the OTHER Gayle) - thanks for your help!

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