Re: staining plastic-embedded sections

From:Victor Tobias <>

What type of plastic is it embedded in?


Andrea Voogt wrote:

> I'm a college student doing a research project on the histology of the garter snake digestive tract and associated glands.  I already have tissues embedded in plastic, but all the books I can find have staining procedures for paraffin.  Does anyone know the staining procedures for plastic-embedded tissues?  The stains I'm hoping to use include Mallory-Heidenhain's azan, Best's carmine, Gomori's chrome alum hematoxylin-phloxine, Iron-hematoxylin and thiazine red staining, Bielschowsky-Foot's method, and Masson's stain, but methods for any stains that would be good for digestive tract and associated organs would be much appreciated!!!
> Thanks,
> Andrea Voogt
> Dordt College

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