Re: microwave processing

Dear Wendy;

You can use the H/I Milestone T/T or URM for biopsy processing. The programs 
are factory loaded, and processing is a walk away operation - not trial and 
error. Time is 20 minutes. Processing is accomplished using just one reagent 
step and paraffin. (Conventional reagents may also be used). The "power" of 
the microwave is not the relevant factor, but rather the "time at 
temperature," i.e. how long tissue is processed once temperature is achieved. 
In the case of the Milestone systems, this is monitored and controlled by an 
onboard computer, which keeps records and generates QA documents. Temperature 
control and monitoring is through an infrared, non-contact system. Very 
accurate, with no margin for operator error.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Best regards,

Dorothy Murphy
HACKER Instruments & Industries Inc.
1-800-4-HACKER or (973) 226-8450

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