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Hi Jennifer,
At the Portland VA Hospital, we used to use Nitro-Blue Tetrazolium chloride
or Nitro-Red Tetrazolium chloride dissolved in some buffer.  Fresh tissues
were soaked in the solution for 15 to 20 minutes at 37 degrees C.  The
colors were striking.  The red was definitively more sensitive.  I don't
remember the buffer or the concentration.  But do remember that we were able
to demonstrate death by heart attack even when death occurred within an
hour.  Dave Tacha to you remember or have a copy of this protocol?

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Hello histonetters,

One of our pathologists would like to stain sections of heart muscle fo MI.
Does anyone have a recipe they would share for a tetrazolium stain?

I have one but it is pretty unclear as to the procudure.  Any help would be

Thanks in advance,
Jennifer Englin
Rice memorial Hospital
Willmar MN

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