Re: Subject: Freezing tissue

From:Kim Kusser <>


I've frozen tissues both ways, and, IMO, freezing with liquid nitorgen is the same as with isopentane. I did identical tissues side by side using both methods (mouse spleen, and lymph nodes), then did some stains (CD3/B220, IgD/IgM), and found that the morphology and the stains were both the same.

Personally, I think Isopentane is a pain, and much prefer freezing on liquid nitrogen. Also saves you the trouble of not keeping yet another potentially dangerous chemical about. Not to mention the hazardous chemical shipping charges for ordering the stuff.

Just my opinion...


Date: 2 Oct 2000 10:01:22 -0500
From: "Vinnie Della Speranza" <>
Subject: Freezing tissue

I would welcome your opinions and feedback.

What is the optimal method of freezing tissues with liquid nitrogen? with or
without isopentane and why?


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