Re: Shandon's Pathcenter Processor

From:Richard Pitman <>

Richard Pitman FIBMS,
Head MLSO,
Dept of Histology, Cytology & Immunology,
Worcester Royal Infirmary NHS Trust

>>> Miranda DeMaso <> 10/08/00 10:06pm >>>
  We are trying out a new tissue processor-Shandon's
Pathcenter.  Does anyone out there have any experience
with this processor...any advice, comments, praises,

We have a Pathcentre, and like it. So far, ours has proved to be 100% reliable, and produces well processed blocks, as one would expect.

Shandon are to be commended on their attitude to customer satisfaction and training. Here in the UK, they run a two day course on the use of the instrument, to which new users are invited. I have sent three  (usually only two places are available) trainees on this course, and they have all found it very useful, both for the specifics of the Hypercentre, and histology in general. The course and hospitality are funded by Shandon. I personally feel that the department gains more in the long term by sending youngsters, rather than the senior staff going along as a 'freebie'.

Shandon also invite users to submit processed blocks to an external assessor, for feed back on processing quality etc, again a useful exercise.

The machine itself is easy to use. We personally like the round processing chamber, with its glass lid. Reagent management software is easy to live with. We change reagents by pulling the pots, rather than longwinded pump in /pump out sessions. The connectors on the pots do not leak. Four wax baths is (are?) good. My gut feeling is that the machine is more economical with reagents, the certainly doesn't appear to be much carry over of solvent into the wax baths, 

In nit picking mode, I'd say that the finish of some of the external metalwork isn't as slick as some of the competitors, but at least the paint doesn't wash off!  

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