Re: QA Daily H&E's

From:Pauline Burton <>

We are cutting 600 to 800 plus slides a day.  Our QC method is to make a 
block with colon, skin and umbilical cord in it.  We stain one each day 
before staining the slides.  This tells us several things.  First, that our 
stain set-up is working.  The solutions were all placed in the right spaces. 
  You can see that everything looks good macroscopically.   Second, it tells 
us microscopically about the quality of the staining and if all tissue 
components are staining correctly.  Third,our pathologists do not like the 
mucin staining the pale blue color.  The umbilical cord is a quick indicator 
to make sure that is not happening. Since we do a great deal of GI biopsies 
and skins, those two tissues are included in the control.
Pauline Burton
Histology Supervisor
Dynacare, Seattle

>From: "Clarke, Cheryl" <>
>To: 'Histonet' <>
>Subject: QA Daily H&E's
>Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000 13:42:00 -0700
>We are a large histology lab and would like to implement daily QA for H&
>E's, however checking every single slide is not manageable with current
>staffing, to to have the pathologists check is unmanageable also, they are
>just as short as we are.  We do approximately 750 slides a day, any good
>suggestions how to start tackling this.  We have approximately five cutters
>per day, is there an easy way to monitor all five?  Thanks in advance.  
>wait for your replies.

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