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We are a large histology lab and would like to implement daily QA for H&
E's, however checking every single slide is not manageable with current
staffing, to to have the pathologists check is unmanageable also, they are
just as short as we are.  We do approximately 750 slides a day, any good
suggestions how to start tackling this.  We have approximately five cutters
per day, is there an easy way to monitor all five?  Thanks in advance.  Will
wait for your replies.
1.	Are you attempting to QA the H&E or the cutter or both?

2.	In our laboratory we have introduced a system where the cutters 
place a small identifier on the corner of the slide (obviously unique for 
each person).  The person verifying the slides prior to delivery checks the 
completeness of section, number of slides, correct tissue (just eyeballing) 
before verifying.  

3.	This is the same person who checks each batch of H&E's during the 
staining procedure for adequacy of staining, correct coverslipping etc.

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