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From:Beverly Braswell <>

The product you are referring to has a foregin name, it comes in a green and 
white tube.  You basically place you slides with sections on them stained or 
unstained in xylene to remove paraffin or permount. Then place the sections 
on a flat surface while still moist with xylene squeeze out enough "peel and 
stick" to cover the area that a 24X50 coverslip would use. Place the slides 
into the oven at 60 degrees for 2 hrs. Remove slides then place into a 43 
degree water bath for 1 hr.  Take a forcep and pull the "peel and stick" 
downward until completely removed.  Place on new slide that you prefer. You 
may also cut the "peel and stick" if you have multiple sections that you 
would like on different slides. Do this when you peel it off of the original 
This product is wonderful when you are in a bind with limited tissue.

>Subject: Peel & stick
>Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2000 15:38:11 -0400
>2 of my technicians went to the N.H.S. and thought it was the greatest 
>since sliced bread. One of the exibits they thought was interesting was 
>Peel &
>Stick which is distributed by a company called Newcomer. Can  anybody give 
>some information on this product & a phone no. of the company.
>Montreal General.

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