Re: Leica, Zeiss or Shandon?

From:"Bill Sinai (Anatomical Pathology)" <>

Hi All.  I'm getting ready to purchase a cryostat but I'm on somewhat of a 
limited budget.  I've gotten quotes for a Leica IMEB CUT4500, a middle of 
the road shandon, and a Zeiss HM505.  I really don't know anything about any 
of these machines other than what is advertised in their literature.  I was 
wondering if anyone had any opinions about any of these machines, or any 
advice as to which would be the best choice.  Thanks.


We have two Shandon 620E cryostats purchased about three years ago. 
They are very easy to use and we love two points about them.  
Firstly the amount of space in the cabinet because the bulk of the 
microtome is outside the freezing chamber, this makes it a breeze to 
Secondly the fumigation system which allows ease of decontaimination.  
The built in heating block which is filled with 38-40% formaldehyde then 
the fumigation cycle started.

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