Re: Leica 5000 coverslipper

From:N Kenneison <>

We used a tape coverslipper up until this time last year we now use the
CV5000 - we use a standard brand of coverslips (all slides get a 24 x
50mm coverslip and we do not use any special depex and we love it.
Cheaper to run, not as fast as the tape but better optically - in our


In message <>, writes
>Our office is currently using the Sakura automated coverslipper.  We are 
>looking to purchase a glass coverslipper.  My lab supervisor has asked me to 
>post a question in regard to the Leica CV 5000.  Any suggestions or 
>recommendations about this instrument?  I will be looking forward to a 
>                                    Jeanie Wade, H.T. (ASCP)

N Kenneison

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