Re: How much of the tissue would you want on your section?

From:Connie McManus <>


I do IHC on liver, also.  I just cut into the tissue enough to get a good representation of the tissue in the block. I'm assuming
that because you'll be doing IHC, this will suffice.  I try to be as conservative as possible when facing the block as I deal with
mouse livers and they are sometimes very small.   I think it depends, too, on what you're doing IHC for.  I work with Hepatitis B, so
it's homogeneous throughout the block.  If you're working with something that might be found in only one little area of the liver,
consult with your Dr about how far into the tissue you should go before taking sections.   Hope this is helpful...

Connie McManus

Anila Syed wrote:

> Hello Histonetters,
> I'm just starting to section mouse livers for the first time (all my experience being with brain tissue and white matter so far).
> My question is, how much of the liver would you want to get on your section? Is it necessary to try and get the whole thing.
> The tissue is wax embedded and I am doing IHC
> Many thanks for any help
> :)
> Anila Syed

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