Re: Breast tissue processing

We have pathologists who cannot slice sections thin enough for good 
processing and others who do a beautiful job of cutting thin breast sections 
on fresh tissue. It takes practice and patience to do a good job.  For those 
pathologists who can't seem to get it right, we have a long (14 hour ) 
process for fatty specimens which seems to work well. Our routine process is 
10 hours.  I agree with Dr Richmond, that it can be done and done well if one 
will practice and try to learn.  We also process large format breast sections 
(whole cross sections of the breast) and this is processed over 2 days 
(almost 48 hours in the processor), and needless to say the sections come out 
beautifully!!  So for those stubborn paths who won't do it right, try the 
longer processing.

Good Luck!!!
Jeanne Godine
Pathology Consultants

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