Re: Breast tissue processing

I work in a place that we have residents who are continually wanting to
speed things up.  What I tell them is, you have a choice, either you're
able to make a diagnosis with some decent sections or we can get them out
fast but you won't be able to read them.  If they are not willing to let 
the tissue fix properly, they are running the risk of a law suit for
making the wrong diagnosis!  Haste makes waste!  Besides aren't we in
this for patient care, its not about speed!  Well that's my 2 cents

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On Wed, 11 Oct 2000 15:00:08 -0700 "Wrona, Erin" <>
> Hello!  I work at a small clinic that gets mostly biopsies with an
> occasional surgical, and we are having a problem with the breast 
> specimens
> that we get once a week or so.  They usually get to us late in the 
> day (3PM
> or later) and the pathologists say that they cannot get thin 
> sections
> because the specimens are not well fixed, but want to put them 
> through the
> same day to keep turnaround time short. I am trying to find out how 
> other
> hospitals handle their breast or other fatty cases (ie fixation 
> times,
> processing schedule) in order to find out where our problems are, 
> and how to
> solve them.  Thank you for any advice or information that you can 
> give me!
> Erin Wrona

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