Re: Blue staining on smears

Is it a histology lab you are receiving the slides from?  If it is, this is the
effect  formalin fumes can cause.

Rande Kline
Technical Services
EM Science

"George, Cheryl" <> on 10/12/2000 03:24:06 PM

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Subject:  Blue staining on smears

Hi all,

I have a question.  One of the hospitals that sends us bone marrow smears
(they send the unstained smears which are stained here using Wright-Giemsa)
continually come out blue.  They claim that they are not using a pretreated
slide or anything unusual but even if we stain them side-by-side with one of
our own, ours come out purple and theirs are still blue.  Could an EDTA tube
be the problem?  I could sure use your help.


Cheryl George, HT (ASCP)
Anatomic Pathology Supervisor

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