Re: Anyone in Ireland or UK using Diachem Xylene or Formaldehyde

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    Dear Annette,
as a general rule ther's no reason why you couldn't get material from
another supplier, providing the material meets any Specifications you might
give. Whatever you do it must be documented, and you should always insist on
an Certificate of analysis supplied with each batch delivered (Not to be
confused with a Certificate of assurance- which does not have any assay
Eg. your formaldehyde might come from ICI UK, which supply BDH/Merck etc.
but you must specify the correct grade or type eg.37/12 Formaldehyde (40%
with 12% Methanol- Formic Acid content should be less than 7%)
One the worlds biggest manufacturers of Xylene is Shell, again there are
different grades- specify one with low sulphur content and a Cof A.
Mike (Downunder)
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Date: Sunday, 8 October 2000 3:24
Subject: Anyone in Ireland or UK using Diachem Xylene or Formaldehyde

>My Materials management team have found a cheaper supplier for xylene and
>formaldehyde and contracted to buy it without consulting the users and I
>would like to know if anyone is currently using this brand and if it is
>satisfactory. Any comments positive or negative would be gratefully
>received. I think it is the General purpose reagent grade. Annette Ryan.

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