Re: Anatech's Alcoholic Z-Fix!

From:Gayle Callis <>

You did not say what you were doing with the bone, paraffin??  MMA??? 

Excellent for bone labelled with tetracyline labels destined for methyl
methacrylate embeddding, and for bone in general for MMA giving better
morphology than 70% alcohol for MMA protocols.  Best not used for bone to
be decalcified as alcohol can inhibit decalcification, aq NBF is better for
that, unless you rinse alcohol fixative from the bone.  Sort of a double
standard here, why have to rehydrate the bone, since you have already
started dehydration with an alcoholic fixative.  Alcoholic formalin will
not inhibit EDTA decalcification, a chelation process.  

Alcohol, 70% can be used to stop or interupt acid decalcification,  so that
must be considered when using alcoholic fixatives, same principle.   

At 08:49 AM 10/4/00 -0500, you wrote:
>     Histoland,
>          Just wondering if anyone would like to share personal experience
>with Anatech's alcoholic Z-fix, especially for fixation of bone tissue.
>Any wisdom or insight would be very much appreciated. Many thanks in
>Jennifer Hoover
>Eli Lilly and Company
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