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Hi all.
I've used Novocastra's CM1 anti-p53 to detect wt transgene expression in
transduced rodent tissue.  Very clean antibody (for this purpose).
Microwave HIER, 60min incubation with primary at 1:1000.
I also used Calbiochem's Ab-6 to detect wt and mutated p53 expression in
I hope this helps.  

Jennifer M. Philopena
Scientist 1
Canji, Inc.
3525 John Hopkins Court
San Diego, CA 92121

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> Subject: 	p53
>     Hi all,
>         Are many labs running p53 routinely?? Whose antibody are you
> using??
> What control?
> As this is a research only antibody how is it being reported out-- Pos or
> neg??? Because of the gene over / under expression are these being
> graded???? Your input would be greatly appreciated.

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