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I know what you're looking for, but I haven't seen them supplied with
embedding centers for several years. You should be able to have a local
machine shop make them to whatever size and shape you need since it should
be an easy job for the shop to just remove a little aluminum from the top
"sides" of a cube to make the T handle.

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From: N Kenneison
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Subject: Tampers

Hi there Histonetters 

If anybody can help  me from Sakura or any othere supplier I am looking
for a supplier of the small aluminium presses used when embedding
Sort of T shaped when viewed side on and come in at least two sizes
about 10 x 10 mm and 5 x 5mm. 
Any supplier would be of interest but especially in the UK - ours ave
gone missing during a refurbishement and we wouild like to get some
Tried the Sakura web site and catalogue but no luck - they are listed as
beign in the original packing of the embedding centre and inthe
handbookk but no catalogue number.

Any help appreciated
N Kenneison

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