RE: Pyrex coplin jars

From:Emma Carter <>

As i wrote off the list to Richard, i just mend my broken ones with
araldite (i dont know what it would be in the is the type of
glue that comes in the 2 tubes, one is glue, the other activator...)

 i have been using restuck ones for a year, no problem, though i do my
washing up by hand now..

emma carter

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> In all my years of histowork, I never found a source of Pyrex coplin
> jars!!
>  and would have begged, borrowed or stolen to get such a beast!!!  
> After making other people in other labs replace these pricey little
> jars,
> they started to pay attention on how to handle them in heated solution
> situations.  Had my share of the bottoms falling out but I learned!!
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