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The product is MountQuick from Newcomers Supply.  It really works great.  I
had a reference slide that had multiple sections.  The doctor wanted some
immunos.  I removed the coverslip in Xylene, then applied the MountQuick to
the wet slide.  I let it dry, then placed into a warm waterbath, peeled the
sections off, cut the tissue sections into 6 pieces, placed the pieces on 6
seperate slides that were wet with distilled water, and let them dry.  This
was great because the one slide I received was on a regular slide.  When I
transferred the cut up pieces, I put the section on plus slides.  I ran the
immunos over the H&E and the doctor was happy.  Be careful though, you might
be opening up Padora's Box.  Once the doctor's get a hold of this, there is
no stopping them. I even did this on a Pap smear.

Joe Nocito, B.S., HT(ASCP)QIHC
Histology Supervisor
Christus Santa Rosa Hospitals
San Antonio, Texas 

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> The product you are referring to has a foregin name, it comes in a green
> and 
> white tube.  You basically place you slides with sections on them stained
> or 
> unstained in xylene to remove paraffin or permount. Then place the
> sections 
> on a flat surface while still moist with xylene squeeze out enough "peel
> and 
> stick" to cover the area that a 24X50 coverslip would use. Place the
> slides 
> into the oven at 60 degrees for 2 hrs. Remove slides then place into a 43 
> degree water bath for 1 hr.  Take a forcep and pull the "peel and stick" 
> downward until completely removed.  Place on new slide that you prefer.
> You 
> may also cut the "peel and stick" if you have multiple sections that you 
> would like on different slides. Do this when you peel it off of the
> original 
> slide.
> This product is wonderful when you are in a bind with limited tissue.
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> >
> >2 of my technicians went to the N.H.S. and thought it was the greatest 
> >thing
> >since sliced bread. One of the exibits they thought was interesting was 
> >Peel &
> >Stick which is distributed by a company called Newcomer. Can  anybody
> give 
> >me
> >some information on this product & a phone no. of the company.
> >
> >Carolyn,
> >Montreal General.
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