RE: Leica, Zeiss or Shandon?

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Hi Todd
We just went through the process of buying a new cryostat. The two we looked
at were Leica and Cryostar HM560(Zeiss/Microm - now Richard Allen).  Both
are good.  Our biggest issue was ergonomics so that influenced our choice.
The one thing I would suggest is that you call for a demo for the ones you
are thinking about purchasing. Ask for at least a week or two to really get
the feel of the machine.  Both companies were really helpful.  Until you
have hands-on experience there really isn't a good way to make a good
choice. Recommendations from others also helps.  Good luck!

Judi Ford
Palo Alto, CA

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> Subject:	Leica, Zeiss or Shandon?
> Hi All.  I'm getting ready to purchase a cryostat but I'm on somewhat of a
> limited budget.  I've gotten quotes for a Leica IMEB CUT4500, a middle of 
> the road shandon, and a Zeiss HM505.  I really don't know anything about
> any 
> of these machines other than what is advertised in their literature.  I
> was 
> wondering if anyone had any opinions about any of these machines, or any 
> advice as to which would be the best choice.  Thanks.
> Todd
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