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Although it is not specifically stated in most protocols I was trained to
always add the materials in the order given with a good mix after each.  The
person who trained me Histology did not explain why, just said they don't
work if you mix wrong.

While working at Sigma in stain development I went back to very old German
protocols and early procedures where I found we did indeed need to add in a
specific order.  I no longer have the references (it's been 20 years and I
had to leave them with Sigma)

The original German stain manufacturers did give very good instruction and
list problems that occurred if the order was changed.  I know at least two
stains we did, did not work if mixed out of order.
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Does it matter what order the reagents are added together to
make an aluminum salt-sodium iodate hematoxylin, such as

I always add them in the same order, with lots of stirring
between reagents. Got wondering if it would make a difference
if they were added in a different order. Since we're making
hematoxylin into hematein, and making hematein into
aluminum-hematein, it seems like it should make a difference.

(This is for my School. I still have the students make Mayer
hematoxylin. It helps them to learn what's in their
hematoxylin, and hopefully helps them learn to

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)
William Beaumont Hospital
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