RE: HELP - frozen sections for RNA isolation

From:Emma Carter <>

> Obviously, I can't cut them at -80C as
> they are extremely brittle.  PROBLEM NUMBER 1:  How long does it
> approximately take for the blocks to
> come from -80 C to -20C for cutting purposes?
	i cant be much help with this, other than to say that when i was
cutting frozens for RNA work in my old lab, i would use slides that i
had baked at over 100 celsius, to get rid of DNAses, (dipping in DEPC
water might be a good idea as well, to rid RNAses). I then kept these
baked slides wrapped in aluminium foil until i wanted to use them.
wearing gloves at all time, i would cut the sections, put them onto the
slides and then place them immediately into a rack that was sat in a big
box of dry ice. It wasnt -80, but it was certianly a lot closer to that
than -20.....once you have cut them, if you need to store them, put them
back at should be okay, we got decent RNA out of ours........

	I hope this is of some help,

	Emma Carter
	Oxford Biomedica (UK) Ltd.

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