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We had special flooring installed in the histology lab and have zero
problems with slipping.  It is by Armstrong and is called "Crosswalk".

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> Subject: 	Flooring surfaces in Histology
> Dear All
> Sorry to raise a well worn issue.    Wax on the floors in the microtomy
> area.
> We have moved into a new laboratory with heavy duty lino with no special
> abrasive surface.
> Within three months we had a few very nasty stingey hurtee type falls.
> With Health and Safety foremost in my 
> Mind I contacted a company that supplies a special type of lino with a
> metallic inset.
> We have also established a more intensive cleaning up process.
> However the architects who are designing the remainder of the laboratory
> have assured us that this is a "process problem". And that no special
> surface should be necessary.   The genius even suggested putting the
> microtomists into "little rooms" with vacuums surrounding them!!!!!!
> Has anybody some enlightening suggestions for this old problem or any
> similar experiences.
> Frank Lloyd Wright...........come in please.
> Regards
> Kathy Paton
> Team Leader
> Surgical Pathology Unit
> North Shore Hospital
> Auckland
> New Zealand

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