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Baloney, you gotta be kidding! 
Don't hospitals charge for donated blood and organs for transplant?

Several companies are selling IHC control slides..i.e.DAKO, Innogenex, etc..

Or go to:

and read their mission statements.

Thankfully there are people on this planet with the foresight and generosity
to make these offerings to 
the medical and research communities. Of course patient consents are signed.

Fees cover collection and administration, but why must donors share the
profits...and what exactly are 'the profits'. Hopefully, the profits come
from the heart.
They're donating in the hope that they will help the rest of us.
If monetary compensation is expected, then let the lawyers rule the world
and beam me outta here.

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> I think that legalities play a part.  The sale of human tissue if frowned
> upon, and I believe that if you are selling it the patient must give
> permission and is entitled to some of the profits.  There is such a thing
> as
> a tissue broker.  Most hospitals will not deal with this and destroy all
> tissue to avoid any legal problems.  
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> > We are having a problem finding human control slides for rare cases. I
> > have 
> > been talking with other labs and they are also having problems (even
> with 
> > some basic controls). Are you finding it more and more difficult to find
> > control slides? One person told me that this is a growing problem in 
> > pathology, especially for specimens in different fixatives.
> > 
> > Is there a problem? What are your most common needs?
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Bob Secord
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