Lab Flooring - late entry

From:N Kenneison <>

Hi all
Thanks for the tampers advice I will try Bayer UK or the local B&Q
(guess what that is for those in the US) - wow what a response to a
little word - and as usual somebody comes up with the funny - really
surprised it wasn't Russ.
Lab flooring - recently been refurbished and have an abrasive floor
covering and a departmental vacuum cleaner that is used by each cutter
to clean up their microtome afetr trimming in 30 blocks and also around
the embedding area and the floor around the cutting station. Also have a
fortnightly trip from housekeeping with a special scrubber for this type
of flooring - NO WAX ANYWHERE ITS GREAT?!?!?
We have found this to be very effective - no wax travelling, cheaper
than the special mats, no clogs, normal rubber soled shoes, 
Totally agree with the person who said leather soled shoes slip easily -
on any floor - but who as an MLSO / BMS or Histotech can afford leather
soled shoes anyway.
Went round a lab with carpet on the floor what an idea  - but they
regretted putting in the special stains area.!!!

Nigel RD&E
N Kenneison

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