How/why/when do you use a "Tamper"?

From:Miriam Schroeder <>

Hi all.  I came into histology through the "back
door", I received excellent on-the-job training but
never any "official" or "formal" type histology
training as I assume one would pursue to get
certification.  (I work in a research setting, not

Anyway, I have one of these "tamper" devices & have
never used it.  Always wondered what it was for... 
Now that I see it is called a "tamper", I imagine it
is for holding a piece of tissue flat onto the bottom
of the embedding mold?  (I always just use forceps...)
 If that is indeed what it is for, how do you hold the
tamper?  With forceps?

Thanks in advance for helping to educate me!

Miriam Schroeder

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